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Novak Electronics 3404 Velociti 4.5R Racing Brushless Motor För RC Model Bilar

Novak Electronics 3404 Velociti 4.5R Racing Brushless Motor För RC Model BilarTillverkareNovak Electronics
ProduktkodNovak Electronics 3404

Novak Electronics 3404 Velociti 4.5R Racing Brushless Motor För RC Model Bilar

kategoriForside > Rc Bilar > Motor
Datum tillagd31/01/2012
TillgänglighetNot available
Försäljning Pris (inkl. moms)€ 60.00

Novak Electronics 3404 Velociti 4.5R Racing Brushless Motor För RC Model Bilar

Brace yourselves…Novak’s newest brushless motor, the Velociti 4.5R (#3404), is fast. Wicked fast. The 4.5-turn sensored brushless motor is one of Novak’s fastest brushless motor to date, and one of the fastest motors on the market — brushed or brushless.
Although the Velociti 4.5R sports the same dimensions as the Velociti 5.5R, Velociti 6.5R, and Velociti 7.5R, the Velociti 4.5R does have a few cool upgrades. The coolest, and most noticeable difference is the set of ribbed end bells. Not only do the lightweight aluminum end bells make the overall weight of the motor lighter, the ribbed design also acts as a heat sink by efficiently removing excessive heat from the motor.
Another upgrade to the motor design is the improved solder tab system. Novak’s low-resistant, direct solder wire tabs have always been convenient, assuring users the lowest possible voltage drop, as well as easy and convenient power wire replacement. Novak’s new lower-resistant connectors allow for even more flexible soldering options, and are even more efficient and easy to use.
GTB Brush/Brushless ESC
Designed for racing, the Velociti 4.5R is ideal for competition touring cars. It is compatible with Novak’s GTB Racing Programmable Brushless/Brush ESC. In fact, because the Velociti brushless motors were specifically developed for the GTB ESC, racers can be assured that the Velociti 4.5R/GTB ESC combination will provide optimum performance.
Like all Novak brushless motors, the Velociti 4.5R is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Each motor is factory hand-wound and is put through rigorous testing, including a final dyno test to ensure that each Velociti motor meets Novak’s rigid specifications.
The Velociti 4.5R brushless motor features a high-strength magnet for top racing performance, and an oversized front bearing for increased load handling and bearing life. Like the Novak SS-series motors, the Velociti motor is specifically designed for R/C vehicles, includes solder tabs, thermal overload protection, provides longer run-times than brushed motors, and is virtually maintenance-free. Of its many features, its sensor-based design allows for most of the Velociti's important benefits, including the following:
No Cogging--Thanks to constantly knowing the rotor position, the motor provides instantaneous throttle response & smooth transitions from neutral to drive. The rotor position knowledge is attained due to the ESC & motor being continuously synchronized via the motor harness.
Smooth & Controlled Low Speed Driveability--Always knowing the rotor angle is key to smooth acceleration without delivering abrupt and uncontrolled bursts of power.
Strong/Consistent Brakes & Starting Torque--Rotor position knowledge results in consistent starts & stops, without hesitation or inconsistent lag times before acceleration or braking--this translates to consistant lap times.
Thermal Protection--Position & temperature sensors inside motor provide unparalleled thermal protection, letting you to run pack after pack without worrying about overheating the motor, ESC, or magnets.
5.5/6.5/7.5-turn brushless motor
With over 5 years experience developing and manufacturing sensored brushless motors, Novak is confident that the Velociti 3.5R brushless motor is capable of reaching speeds fast enough to satisfy the needs of serious racers, as well as those who just want to go fast. Novak’s other Velociti motors are available in 3.5-turns (#3404), 5.5-turns (#3405), 6.5-turns (#3406), and 7.5-turns (#3407). All are compatible with the Novak GTB Programmable Racing Brushless/Brush ESC (#1710).
To find out which motor or motor system is best suited for you, see below:
GTB/Velociti 3.5R System is ideal for customers wanting the fastest brushless motor and for top-level competition touring car applications.
GTB/Velociti 4.5R System is ideal for competition touring car applications.
GTB/Velociti 5.5R System is ideal for touring car and high-traction off-road applications.
GTB/Velociti 6.5R System is ideal for off-road and low-traction applications and faster than Velociti 7.5R.
GTB/Velociti 7.5R System is ideal for off-road and low-traction applications.
Turns: 4.5 (#3404)
Design: Sensor-based
Input Voltage: 4-6 cells (1.2 volts/cell)
Magnet: One-piece, multi-pole cylindrical high-strength Neodymium
Watts: 415
KV (unloaded) 9,000 RPM/Volt
Motor Size: 2.08” L X 1.41” D (52.8 x 35.8 mm)
Motor Weight: 6.61 oz. (187 grams)
Shaft Diameter: 0.125” (3.2 mm) [accepts all existing pinion gears]
Lightweight, ribbed end bells
New solder tab system uses lower-resistant connectors for more flexible soldering options
High-strength magnet for top racing performance
Oversized front bearing for increased load handling and bearing life
Faster speed and acceleration
Factory hand-wound and dyno'd
Sensor-based for excellent braking and low-speed driveability
Lowest possible copper loss (3.1 milli-ohm phase to phase resistance)
Provides approximately 20% longer run-times compared to brushed motors
Specifically designed for R/C vehicles
Thermal Overload Protection
Virtually maintenance-free
Low cogging
Meets all ROAR specifications
Developed and manufactured in the USA by Novak

Novak Electronics 3404 Velociti 4.5R Racing Brushless Motor För RC Model Bilar
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