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Kyosho 32812R MR-03W-MM BCS 599XX Red Version För RC Model Bil Mini Z

Kyosho 32812R MR-03W-MM BCS 599XX Red Version För RC Model Bil Mini ZTillverkareKyosho
ProduktkodKyosho 32812R

Kyosho 32812R MR-03W-MM BCS 599XX Red Version För RC Model Bil Mini Z

kategoriForside > Rc Bilar > Skala 1:28 Mini Z
Datum tillagd05/03/2012
TillgänglighetNot available
Försäljning Pris (inkl. moms)€ 140.00

Kyosho 32812R MR-03W-MM BCS 599XX Red Version För RC Model Bil Mini Z

* Length: 124-133 mm * Width: 65-76 mm, height: 35 mm; trace (v & h) *: 56.5 to 63.0 mm Wheelbase *: 86-106 mm; tires (v): Ø25x8 , 5 mm; tires (h): Ø25x8, 5/11 mm Weight: 135 g; Engine: 130s, RC-system: 2.4GHz ASF; Chassis Type: MR-03W-MM

* The technical data refer to the chassis without a body! Since the chassis is variable in length, width and tire is to be given some data for minimum and maximum values.

The MR-03 chassis heralds a new era in the era of the Mini-Z Racer.The objective was to develop firstly a chassis that provides an even greater driving dynamics and comes up with maximum performance. On the other hand, the chassis should be flexible so that it can accommodate all existing bodies of MR 015 and MR-02 series. This allows almost all previous bodies of the Mini-Z Racer MR-03 on the chassis mount easily.

The MR-03 chassis is designed for uncompromising racing performance.It is considerably narrower than the MR-02's predecessor and has a much lower center of gravity. This results in significantly higher cornering speeds and a very agile handling. The newly developed front axle chassis gives the maximum mechanical grip and perfect traction in all driving conditions.

The Mini-Z Racer MR-03-are equipped with innovative 2.4GHz wireless technology. It scans the remote control when you turn the entire frequency band and automatically selects an available channel. This eliminates the denial of the frequencies among the drivers. A total of up to 40 models can be operated simultaneously. With this new system no longer crystals are used. The frequencies are generated by a PLL synthesizer.

With the new transmission technology and the electronics in the MR-03 has been revised. The new processor runs faster and gives the MR-03 in conjunction with the HiSpeed ​​FETs an ultra-fast response. The delivery of the MR-03-racer takes place without the 2.4 GHz transmitter. For the operation of the models is the KYOSHO Perfex KT-18 transmitter, Model No. 82 001 is required.

At the 2.4 GHz controller receiver unit RA-22 can optionally be connected to the piezo gyros DNW-107, to increase the driving stability of the model. The piezo-gyro detects movement of the vehicle about its vertical axis (skidding), long before they are visible to the human eye and controls within a split second it.

At the front sits a high-resolution digital servo, which transmits the steering commands to the transmitter in a split second on the wheels.The servo has a coreless servo motor, the gear ratio in the servo is 94,41:1.

The front wheels are independently mounted and equipped with spring-mounted, double wishbone suspension. The high-grip low profile tires give the MR-03-racer uncompromising traction. In conjunction with the extremely low center of gravity is a breathtaking driving dynamics achieved, which is on models of this size has never been achieved before.

The Main Board of the MR-03-Racer has been a standard on the ICS interface. (Not supplied) with a special USB cable and software, the chassis can be configured via a computer. The setup data of the vehicle can be conveniently stored on the hard disk.

The rear axle of the MR-03 chassis is based on proven MR-02 components. Due to the suspension, the chassis is Powerpod very flexible and adapts to any road situation perfectly. The flight batteries are adjacent in the model, whereby the center of gravity is very low.

Fine Hand Polish
A special feature of the MR-03 Mini-Z Racer, the finely detailed painting of the models and the already applied decoration. The models make the body even finishing in the top cabinet bribe a fine figure and through their innumerable details. After the assembly and the final quality control, the models are hand polished and brought to a shine. Sun shine, the MR-03-racer like a precious jewel, when you emerge from their packaging.

• MR-03 Mini-Z Racer with efficient Heckradantrieb
• Motherboard with innovative 2.4GHz wireless technology
• Designed for the inclusion of nearly all MR 015 and MR-02 bodies
• New Vorderachslayout with suspension, double wishbones
• High-resolution digital steering servo with coreless motor
• ICS interface for connection to laptop
• rear axle as torsionsgefedertes Powerpod
• Operation is not conventional quartz
• Pre-painted body with all the decorations (Fine Hand Polish)
• Sophisticated front axle with a lot of mechanical grip and direct turn-in
• High-resolution digital steering servo
• Up to 40 vehicles can be operated simultaneously
• Huge selection of tuning parts and car bodies
• bevel gear differential on the rear axle
• High-grip low profile tires
• Extremely low center of gravity
• Perfect look thanks to detailed body
• Assembled Chassis driving without a transmitter

• Fully assembled chassis with drive electronics 2.4GHz
• Pre-painted and decaled body
• 4 different motor pinion to adjust the Antriebschrakteristik
• Set of tools

Required Accessories
• 4 pcs AAA 900mAh Team Orion AGM batteries, order ORI13202 (model)
• 4 pcs 1100mAh RT AAA Batteries Team Orion, Model No. ORI13201 (transmitter)
• Perfex KT-18 2.4 GHz transmitter, Model No. 82 001
• Charger EZ Pro-Am Digital 12/230V, No. ORI30402

Kyosho 32812R MR-03W-MM BCS 599XX Red Version För RC Model Bil Mini ZKyosho 32812R MR-03W-MM BCS 599XX Red Version För RC Model Bil Mini ZKyosho 32812R MR-03W-MM BCS 599XX Red Version För RC Model Bil Mini ZKyosho 32812R MR-03W-MM BCS 599XX Red Version För RC Model Bil Mini Z
Kyosho 32812R MR-03W-MM BCS 599XX Red Version För RC Model Bil Mini Z


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