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HPI Racing 101475 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm För RC Model Bilar

HPI Racing 101475 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm För RC Model BilarTillverkareHPI Racing
ProduktkodHPI Racing 101475

HPI Racing 101475 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm För RC Model Bilar

kategoriForside > Rc Bilar > Reservdelar
Datum tillagd04/03/2011
TillgänglighetSufficientLägg i varukorgen
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HPI Racing 101475 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm För RC Model Bilar

A full range of option parts is available to make the Pulse 4.6 buggy into a true track killer!
Equip your Pulse with a set of full racing gear and choose from springs, threaded shock bodies, finely tuned anti-roll bars and more, plus increase the durability of your buggy with rubber shock boots, centre universals and vented brake disks!
Titanium Hinge Pins
#101497 Titanium Front Outer Hinge Pin (pr)
#101498 Titanium Rear Outer Hinge Pin (pr)
#101499 Titanium Inner Hinge Pin (pr)
Titanium Turnbuckles
#101458 Titanium Turn Buckle M5*58mm (pr)
#101459 Titanium Turn Buckle M4*52mm (pr)
#101466 Titanium Turn Buckle M5*30mm (pr)
#101488 Titanium Turn Buckle M3*34mm
Graphite Chassis Parts
#101426 Graphite Front Steering Brace
#101428 Graphite Front Shock Tower
#101430 Graphite Rear Shock Tower
#101437 Graphite Centre Diff Plate
#101438 Graphite Radio Plate
Suspension Mounts
#101433 CNC Rear 3 Degree Toe In Block
#101442 CNC Front Lower Wishbone Mount
Performance Suspension Parts
#101455 14 Degree Front C-Hub Set (pr)
Threaded Shock Bodies
#101467 Threaded Front Shock Body (pr)
#101457 Threaded Rear Shock Body (pr)
Race Tuned Springs
#101478 Front Shock Spring Blue Soft (pr)
#101480 Front Shock Spring Red Hard (pr)
#101481 Rear Shock Spring Green Soft (pr)
#101483 Rear Shock Spring Red Hard (pr)
Lightweight Performance Parts
#101464 Lightweight Differential Shafts (pr)
#101465 Lightweight Shock Mounting Ball 3*6.8*14mm (4 pcs)
High Efficiency and High Endurance Drivetrain Parts
#101436 Vented 2mm Brake Disc (pr)
#101462 Centre Rear CVD Driveshaft 8*96mm
#101463 Centre Front CVD Driveshaft 8*88mm
Race Tuned Sway Bars
#101474 Front Anti-Roll Bar 2.8mm
#101472 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm
#101475 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm
#101477 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.8mm
Extra Endurance Parts
#101496 Rubber Front Shock Boot (pr)
#101454 Rubber Rear Shock Boot (pr)
This part fits the following kits/parts
HPI Pulse 4.6 Buggy RTR

HPI Racing 101475 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm För RC Model Bilar

HPI Racing

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