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Futaba 1151SPEC Transmitter 12FG 2.4G With Receiver R6014HS + Battery TX + Charger

Futaba 1151SPEC Transmitter 12FG 2.4G With Receiver R6014HS + Battery TX + ChargerTillverkareFutaba
ProduktkodFutaba 1151SPEC

Futaba 1151SPEC Transmitter 12FG 2.4G With Receiver R6014HS + Battery TX + Charger

kategoriForside > Radiostyrning & Mottagare > Radiostyrning
Datum tillagd09/12/2010
TillgänglighetNot available
Försäljning Pris (inkl. moms)€ 800.00

Futaba 1151SPEC Transmitter 12FG 2.4G With Receiver R6014HS + Battery TX + Charger

Given the enormous success of T9ZVC2, modelers around the world have asked for a radio with technical features but in line with the current price of the previous model.
So Futaba has introduced the new T12FG, T14MZ based software, with a new design and system programming via "Jog Dial". The large LCD display, along with the programming system "Jog Dial" allows, finally, a quick programming and practice, but feature-rich, thanks to T12FG software, which allows to drive the best helicopters, airplanes and gliders, for implementing each model specifications mixtures.
The radio holds up to 30 models in its memory that can be expanded with an SD card up to more than 1800 models. The same card is also used to update the software and achiviare programs.
The menus flow smoothly, about 40% faster than the T9Z, and are therefore very simple to use and accurate.
Resolution 2048 steps G3
Programs for aircraft, glider, helicopter
Supports up to 13 wing types, 3 tail types and 8 types of swashplate for heli
Up to 8 flight
Reducing variable stroke (VDR)
Grouping of the servants for synchronization
Digital trims for the 4 main channels
Transmitter Battery 7.2 volt - 1700 mAh NiMH
Socket for the battery
Ergonomic stick with 4 bearings
27 models already in place
Rotary button (Dial-N-Key) for easy menu navigation
Cursors of the front-mounted auxiliary channels for easy use
255x196 pixels LCD screen with adjustable contrast
12FG Specifics:
G3 2048 resolution
30 model memory — up to 1,882 models with a 1GB SD card
Combines airplane, glider, and helicopter programming
Supports 13 wing types, 3 tail types, and
8 heli swash types
8 total flight conditions (7 plus the default)
Variable Dual Rates (VDR)
Servo grouping for servo synchronization
Digital trims on all 4 main channels
7.2V 1700mAh NiMH transmitter battery
Battery charging jack
Ergonomic rubber grips
12FG System Overview:
Quad-bearing gimbals
27 preset model types, with built-in shortcuts
Newly designed “joystick” button and Dial 'n Key™ editing for easier menu navigating
Ultra-precise tuning in .5% increments
Front-mounted slider switches for easier access
255 x 196 LCD Screen with Adjustable Contrast
You get all this with the 12FG:
R6014FS 2048 Receiver
Heavy-Duty Switch Harness
7.2V 1700mAh NiMH Transmitter Battery
1500mAh Receiver NiCd Battery
Futaba Orange Transmitter Neck Strap
Technical Data
Number of channels 12
255x196 pixels LCD display
FASST Transmission - PCM-G3 (2048), PCM - 1024 PPM / FM (8 channels)
Frequency 2.4 GHz
TX Power Battery NiMH 7.2 V 1.7 Ah
Current Consumption 300 mA
Dimensions 185x200x80 mm
Weight approx 800g
1 Transmitter TX T12FG
1 2.4 GHz Receiver R6014FS
BATTERY CHARGER including transmitter

Futaba 1151SPEC Transmitter 12FG 2.4G With Receiver R6014HS + Battery TX + Charger
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