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Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)

Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)TillverkareDragon
ProduktkodDragon 1029

Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)

kategoriForside > Plastbyggsatser Skalamodeller > Fartyg & Ubåtar > Skala 1:350
Datum tillagd02/06/2011
TillgänglighetNot available
Försäljning Pris (inkl. moms)€ 39.00

Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)

- Waterline or full-hull version can be assembled
- Newly tooled Mk37 gun director w/highly detailed Mk12 radar antenna assembly
- Newly tooled 3-directional slide-molded twin 5-inch gun turret
- Newly designed bilge keels w/removable sonar dome on lower hull with slide-mold technology
- Newly tooled front and rear funnels w/DBM antennas
- Photo-etched parts finely reproduced for radar and antennas
- Every detail right down to access ladder and rivet heads are present
- Realistically detailed slide-molded gun barrels w/hollow ends
- Twin 40mm Mk4 guns reproduced w/delicate detail
- Finely detailed and newly designed quadruple 40mm Mk4 mount
- Twin 20mm guns finely reproduced w/photo-etched shields
- One-piece slide-molded upper hull w/undercut details
- Deck has realistic camber
- Rudder is movable
- Fine photo-etched propeller guards
- True-to-scale ultra-thin propellers
- Shield wall on superstructure and bonus captain's chair both w/full detail
- Depth charges molded w/extra-fine detail
- bridge supports portrayed w/photo-etched parts
- 6 realistic 1/350 scale figures (4 in fighting poses and 2 in non-combat poses)
- Hose and ladder pattern detail on superstructure walls delicately reproduced
- Extra-thin shield walls on superstructure reproduced for accurate 1/350 appearance
- Side door (w/optional photo-etched parts) can be assembled open or closed
- Extremely fine parts like davits for whalers
- Whalers w/photo-etched parts newly designed
- Quintuple torpedo launcher in fine detail
- Oval- and square-shaped rafts
- Passageway for crew access realistically presented w/interior detail
- Finely represented Mk51 gun director
- 5-inch practice loading machine in great detail
- Funnels provided w/option of molded-on ladders or add-on photo-etched ladders
- Platforms on funnels finely modeled by photo-etched parts
- 12-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch searchlights provided
Movable mount for 36-inch searchlight w/clear part included

Dragon released 1/350 scale injection-molded kits of Gleaves-class destroyers in 2008, and these have been hugely popular. Dragon has kept the “warship revolution” rolling with the larger Gearing class of destroyers. The new U.S.S. Gearing is finely produced in 1/350 scale and is replete with an amazing level of detail.

The U.S.S. Gearing (DD-710) was the lead ship of a class of destroyers. The destroyer was 119.1m long and had a beam of 12.22m. Crewed by 336 sailors, it had six 5-inch guns, 12 40mm antiaircraft guns and 11 20mm antiaircraft guns, plus a complement of torpedoes.

The new 1/350 kit shows the U.S.S. Gearing as it appeared in 1945. In this large scale, all kinds of amazing details are shown. This kit features all-new parts such as the hull and superstructure. The distinctive 5-inch gun turrets are accurately rendered by three-directional slide molds. Meanwhile, other fantastic details such as the twin 40mm antiaircraft guns, 20mm guns and searchlights are inherited from Dragon’s series of Gleaves-class destroyers. As well as the highly-refined plastic components, there is a generous selection of photo-etched parts to enhance detail and add a refined look. There are even half a dozen miniature sailors to give life to the vessel. This exciting new kit of the USS Gearing keeps up the momentum of the warship revolution that Dragon has begun!

Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)
Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)Dragon 1029 U.S.S. Gearing DD-710, 1945 (SMART KIT)


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