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Tamiya - Plastbyggsatser Skalamodeller - Fartyg & Ubåtar - Skala 1:350

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Tamiya 78019 Japanese Navy Submarine I-400Produkt

Tamiya 78019 Japanese Navy Submarine I-400

ProduktkodTamiya 78019Datum tillagd26/05/2011
Beskrivning About the I-400 Created as part of a plan to attack major cities in the United States and the Panama Canal, the three I-400 class large aircraft carrier submarines were quite technol...TillgänglighetNot available
Tamiya 78020 Japanese Destroyer YukikazeProdukt

Tamiya 78020 Japanese Destroyer Yukikaze

ProduktkodTamiya 78020Datum tillagd26/05/2011
Beskrivning January 20 1940 saw the completion of construction of the Japanese Kagero class destroyer. Along with her sister ships Hatsukaze, Amatukaze, and Tokitukaze, she became part of the 16th d...TillgänglighetNot available
Tamiya 78021 Japanese Cruiser MogamiProdukt

Tamiya 78021 Japanese Cruiser Mogami

ProduktkodTamiya 78021Datum tillagd26/05/2011
Beskrivning The unique Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrying Cruiser Mogami was built in compliance with the London Naval Treaty following WWI. She was initially equipped with 15.5cm cannons (5x3) and was...TillgänglighetNot available
Tamiya 78022 Japanese Cruiser MikumaProdukt

Tamiya 78022 Japanese Cruiser Mikuma

ProduktkodTamiya 78022Datum tillagd26/05/2011
Beskrivning In August 1935, construction of the Mikuma, sister ship to the Mogami, was completed.Though of the same class, the Mikuma's bridge and some other features were slightly different fro...TillgänglighetNot available
Tamiya 78023 Japanese Heavy Cruiser MogamiProdukt

Tamiya 78023 Japanese Heavy Cruiser Mogami

ProduktkodTamiya 78023Datum tillagd26/05/2011
Beskrivning The First Fleet Replenish Program of 1931 gave Japan a special allowance to build 50,955 tons worth of new light cruisers armed with 6-in guns. Construction of the new fleet began at Kure Naval Ars...TillgänglighetNot available
Tamiya 78024 Japanese Heavy Cruiser ToneProdukt

Tamiya 78024 Japanese Heavy Cruiser Tone

ProduktkodTamiya 78024Datum tillagd26/05/2011
Beskrivning Commissioned in 1938, the Tone was the lead ship of her namesake class of heavy cruisers. She was 189.1m in length, and was powered by 4 turbines which allowed her to reach a top speed o...TillgänglighetNot available
Tamiya 79004 Vosper Fast Patrol Boat - PerkasaProdukt

Tamiya 79004 Vosper Fast Patrol Boat - Perkasa

ProduktkodTamiya 79004Datum tillagd26/05/2011
Beskrivning A great high-quality model will withstand the test of time, and we now announce the return of another popular classic. Originally released as a motorized model that could be enjoyed in t...TillgänglighetNot available
Tamiya 78029 US Battleship BB-63 Missouri - Circa 1991Produkt

Tamiya 78029 US Battleship BB-63 Missouri - Circa 1991

ProduktkodTamiya 78029Datum tillagd28/06/2013
Beskrivning USS Missouri (BB-63) var det tredje fartyget i Iowa-klassenoch togs i drift 1944. Under kriget i Stilla havet, stödde honattacker p&...TillgänglighetNot available
Tamiya 78030 Japanese Battleship Yamato - 1/350Produkt

Tamiya 78030 Japanese Battleship Yamato - 1/350

ProduktkodTamiya 78030Datum tillagd28/06/2013
Beskrivning Med många revolutionerande funktioner som ingår i hennesdesign, var Yamato slutfördes i december 1941 och träffade sin s...TillgänglighetNot available
Tamiya 89776 Japanese Navy Sub I-400 - 1/350 Special EditionProdukt

Tamiya 89776 Japanese Navy Sub I-400 - 1/350 Special Edition

ProduktkodTamiya 89776Datum tillagd28/06/2013
Beskrivning Detta är en 1/350 modell av den japanska marinen ubåt I-400med genomskinliga hangar delar. Skapas som en del av env&...TillgänglighetNot available

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